Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You can't go home again

Lileks on protest rallies.
There are serious, reasonable critics of the war whose arguments deserve attention and consideration. You generally don’t find them at protest rallies.
... as soon as enough people had assembled, they limbered up with a few basic slogans: Hell no, we won’t go, we won’t die for Texaco. To which one wants to respond, well, then don’t.
I know the man is not everyone's cup of tea - but since I've become a regular listener of The Diner I hear his voice reading The Bleat which makes it all so much more interesting.


And who knows? Maybe someday I'll find Lileks as annoying as I now find Garrison Keillor. I used to think his shtick was charming - but it wore out for me a few years ago. Dan Savage neatly sums it up
Oh, the world is more complicated today—and that’s a dang shame,
Keillor argues. Garrison pines for the days when life was simpler—when
straight people stay married for life, when kids were always in the
foreground, and when no one had to keep track of a gay relative’s
current partner, to say nothing of his ex, because back in the good
“confirmed bachelors” weren’t so rude as to bring their “roommates”
‘round for dinner.
Or not - James Lileks so far demonstrates a willingness to change - document the past, acknowledge the good bits and move on. Keillor's thing - his act - is to wish for an America that never was. That gets old after a while.

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