Sunday, March 11, 2007


Dave captured these pictures of tech manuals that were found in Galactica's CIC during his set visit.

Hope he doesn't get escorted out the nearest airlock for publishing these.

You get the impression that you need only crack open a pub locker, haul out the docs and you'll be able to drive and fight the ship. You gotta like a show that goes to such lengths to dress the set. Given that no one would ever see anything but the covers I wondered why they'd go to such lengths.

* Gives the crew a sense of depth for the play acting. I have read that the really good writers will fully imagine (say) a given room the character inhabits, even if the text never refers to it. Might this be the same thing?

* Screencaps. Fan boys are going to screen cap and enhance everything, eventually. How nifty for the fans if the caps reveal a 'genuine' pub and not (say) a photocopy of a take-out menu from the Chinese place down the road.
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