Saturday, March 24, 2007

Info War

Ah - Information Warfare.
Islamic terrorists are encouraging
their supporters, who can write in English, to get on American web sites and
pretend to be friends or family members of American soldiers or marines. The
"media jehadis" are instructed to tell stories in line with the anti-war tone
of American and European media. Things like soldiers committing suicide because
they were forced to take part in atrocities in Iraq. Or wounded soldiers
suffering, or killing themselves, because of the poor care and abuse they have
received from the army. The media jihadis are told to make it sound like they
are simply passing on what a soldier said, not to pretend to be a soldier or
marine. Media jihadis are told not to discuss anything from the Moslems side,
and Moslems should only be referred to as innocent victims. Never mention the
Sunni-Shia conflict or Islamic terrorism. Posters should not stick around for
discussions, lest they be found out. Care should be taken to select screen
names similar to other English speaking posters. Keep messages simple, so as
not to betray the fact that you are not a native English speaker.

I know no more than this. But consider than not so very long ago terrorists crashing jet planes into building was the stuff of fiction. If I were waging war against the West this would be an easy tactic I'd use.
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