Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Tomorrow we have a minor task to perform - halt a service, move the database to another server, crank things back up again.

I drafted a checklist for this - the resulting spreadsheet is a 6x81 matrix of steps to accomplish and people to notify. Yet it's pretty rote - I could just do the job and would have 30 minutes of my life back. Why did I do this? Well ...
Development continued on the Boeing Model 299, and on 30 October 1935, the Army Air Corps test-pilots Ployer, Hill, and Tower, took the Model 299 on a second evaluation flight. The crew forgot to disengage the airplane's "gust lock," a device that held the bomber's movable control surfaces in place while the plane was parked on the ground, and having taken off, the aircraft entered a steep climb, stalled, nosed over and crashed, killing the crew.[18][19]

Those guys weren't using a checklist. That's why I use one. I like my systems maintenance drama free.
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