Friday, March 02, 2007

She's got a ticket to ride

And she don't care. Except that we hope you do.

You can't use them - you might never get to use them. In the end it might end in tears and heartbreak .. or we might win big. You never know.

Call it foolish optimism then. We're selling tickets. Lift Tickets, for a clever play on our name and snow skiing.

Why? Revenue is the obvious reason - this train don't run on good wishes and hope. Publicity is the real reason - we hope you'll like this idea and decide that it's not a foolish stunt but an attempt to start a conversation. That ol' marketing thing again.

The ticket is done in an old train style, commemorating the last time a major infrastructure project connected a new frontier. The picture is the Mir Space Station, the station that still holds the record for the longest continuous human presence in space. Mir also represented the earliest foray of private industry to bringing paying individuals to an orbital facility, lighting the spark for the x-prize and the myriad of commercial ventures attempting to enter that frontier.

These collectible lift tickets are numbered in gold foil, printed on secure paper and employ several patented anti- counterfeiting methods. The ticket is attached to a custom image designed by Nyein Aung in a protective mount designed for collectibles.

Because, really, having nifty technology isn't enough. You gotta build a business.

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Those are pretty, aren't they?

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian Dunbar
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