Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fox - Henhouse

I imagine the phone call that kicked this off went something like this.

Secret Service.  Agent Smith speaking.

Hi. Um, I'm Veronica Volunteer down here in Texas?  I just talked to a woman in Lufkin - you know they're all crazy as a poop-house mouse down there - who threatened Senator Obama?

Well, golly, you've got the right department.  Do you have a recording of the conversation?  Our lawyers like that kind of thing.  You know how it goes.

Well, no.  But I wrote it down on this post-it in felt-tip.

Welp, that's good enough to dispatch two men - top men - to check this out.  Thanks, Citizen Pollworker.

It's not Senator Obama I have a problem with. I believe he's an honorable man with daft ideas.  You can work with people like that.

No, it's the people who work for him and flock to his cause and will assume the Executive Branch in January that bother the snot out of me.

These people will look at the looney-tunes provisions and checks on our civil rights we've put in place since 9-11 and say 'ya know - we won't dismantle that stuff - we'll keep it around ... just in case.'

This will not bother the career Federal cops or the civil servants one .. damned .. bit.

I don't know that Senator McCain's people would be any better - but God save us from True Believers who find themselves in charge of the henhouse!
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