Monday, October 06, 2008

If real-life could be more like a book . . .

How a hostage situation oughta end (minor spoiler warning!) . . .  from 'Easy Prey' [1] by John Sandford

The bad guy (Scott) has unloaded his rifle and is about to step out of the armored gas-station booth to surrender  . .

He reached out and popped the lock on the door. As it opened, the dark-haired hostage, Ralph, screamed, "You C***SUCKER." He snatched the small portable TV off the shelf, and as Scott turned , startled, Ralph hit him in the face with it.

Scott went down as though he'd been struck by a meteorite, and as Lucas shouted, "Hey," and tried to get the door open, but the woman, Melody, began kicking at Scott, screaming "SONABEECH" in an unexpected Mexican accent. Then she snatched a can of Pyroil starting fluid off the shelf and began hitting Scott in the back of the head, slicing off swaths of scalp.

[1] And yes, that's two books in four days. Friggin' John Sandford.
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