Monday, October 27, 2008

Zero the People Avoiding Hero

Remember the polar bear that won't leave his quiet, secluded moat for a place where he can be gawked at by hairless primates?

zero_moat_2 by you.
I said, go .. a-way!

The guys that run the zoo left his favorite treats - including lard, yum, yum - on the stairs to get him back up - no dice. Their next Big Idea . . .

Senior animal staff at the zoo lowered a large crate into the polar bear's moat via a crane this morning. A plastic milk storage crate full of his "favorite treats" - apples with peanut butter and herring - is inside the larger crate.

Then the cage door goes up, and after hours they hoist it up in the air and drop him - annoyed - back in his enclosure.

This works at my house with mice - they amble into no-kill traps after peanut butter all the time. Grumpy stay-at-homes across the world can be forgiven for hoping a carnivore has more brains than a itty-bitty mouse.
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