Monday, October 20, 2008


Toward the end of my first year, during the spring of 1988, Sally appeared in my office in the tow of one of my advisees ... "Sally has something she needs to talk with you about," she intoned ominously. ... On a hunch, I suddenly asked, "What's his name?" Sally's eyes widened briefly, and then out spilled a story about her involvement with an older man she had met in Boston. I listened, sympathized, offered advice. She left my office with a smile on her face. ... ("One Teacher in 10: Gay and Lesbian Educators tell their Stories," Alyson Publications, 1994.)

Why, yes, outrage!  A sexual relationship between a minor an an older man is clearly Not Cool.

Except, not so much.  The student was male - Per Mr. Jennings it seems to be okey-dokey for an underage fellow to tryst with an older male.  Excellent job of counseling youth there, buddy.

Look, I've done the gay kid thing and the last thing I'd ever be sympathetic to is an adult preying on youth.  Come sniffing around my kid, buddy, and I'll kick your ass.

We might hope that the adult who founded and runs GLSEN would report predators to John Law. Guess we'll be hoping in vain.
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