Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Sexual Philosophy Test

Last quiz for a while.  These are fun but the internet isn't about fun, it's about work.

Your result for The Sexual Philosophy Test...

Very Proper and/or Traditional

51% Perverse!

Your mommy and daddy are very proud of you. Everything they taught you about sex has stuck in your moral code. Your viewpoint on sexual relations follows a high moral code that is not uncommon in many relationships. It is based mainly on values that you have learned from your family background and childhood experiences. It could also be influenced by your political philosophy in what modern society accepts as being right or wrong. You would be very unlikely to ever condone an open relationship or have a homosexual interest. You may listen to your mate's interests but it is doubtful they could persuade you to change you viewpoint on what is sexually right and wrong. You more than likely use and own very few sexual aids; the ones you have are more traditional in nature.

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I've always liked that picture.
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