Thursday, October 02, 2008

How to Hunt Wisconsin Whitetail Deer

with a 12 pound Mountain Howitzer Cannon

5. When an unsuspecting deer happens to wander in front of your Mountain Howitzer Cannon, PULL THE CORD! Make sure that the deer is within 250 yards range and directly in-line with the howitzer's bore. Also be sure the deer is no closer than 100 yards. A minimum distance of 100 yards is a "must" for reasonable meat recovery. ( less damage ) You don't want to hit the deer with all 148 musket balls. ( your goal is to shoot the deer with your mountain howitzer, not "pulverize" him ) Also, at extended distances, it will be less likely that you will shoot off the horns if the deer is a really nice Buck.

My wife looked over while I was reading this: You are not building a howitzer.

Ga-wha? Never crossed my mind.

She knows me pretty well.
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