Sunday, October 05, 2008

That's not a knife - this is a knife

Doc Russia completed a Krav Maga workout, then headed into work ...

So this drunk comes in with a laceration down the bridge of his nose, and smelling of booze. He gives a confusing, and frankly unbelievable story that he was struck from behind, and that he remembers falling face first onto the ground, but nothing else. He also says that "I guess I was fighting whoever it was pretty hard; look at my knuckles." His knuckles reveal abrasions to the first two knuckles of the pinky on his hand, as well as the middle knuckle of the ring finger on the same hand. I was explaining to the medical student that those abrasions were not consistent with an assault or an altercation, I then removed my latex gloves, and held up my own fists, knuckles first, and said "These are injuries consistent with interpersonal violence."

Friggin' Marines.  But you know his medical students are never going to forget what injuries consistent with interpersonal violence look like.
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