Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Democrats' Dictionary

The Democrats' Dictionary. I think Ambrose Bierce* would approve.

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FREE: 1. Anything you have to pay for whether you want it or not, as in "free public education". 2. Anything that the government allows you to do as long it is in the best interest of The People, as in "free speech".

NPR: National Public Radio. Organization that is able, through a non-market funding system, to provide listeners with programming that they do not want to listen to badly enough for commercial radio stations to bother running them, even at four in the morning.

PEOPLE, THE: The rhetorically useful imaginary American peasant class. The very young and the very old are easily convinced that they are a part of The People.

PBS: Public Broadcasting System. Television network that is guaranteed to produce objective programming in a manner that is responsive to it's viewers by the fact that it receives federal funds (which by their very nature never come with political strings attached). This frees them from the necessity of pandering to the mere consumers of their product.

RICH: Anyone who has anything that some of our constituents want to take from them.

via 'The Hand of Munger'

* I didn't reallly need to link to the Wikipedia entry did I?
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