Monday, May 22, 2006

Fake Ranger, Genuine Barb

Wretchard discusses the interviews of purported Ranger and Iraq vet Jesse Macbeth. Purported because the guy is clearly out of uniform i.e. tabs and rank badges in the wrong place, sleeves rolled 'Marine' style not the way a soldier does and so on. Other commentators note the unit details are wrong and so on.

A fake. All of this is beside the point.
In an earlier post I wrote that the defenses of civilization consisted not merely of arms, but of belief, culture, law and commerce. The hallmark of a functional civilization is that these things are bulwarks against barbarism -- and not portals for it -- by common consent. Belief, culture, law and commerce were once used by civilization as a wall against savagery; not as means of providing their escalade. But as author Philip Bobbitt, pointed out, the replacement of the nation state by the "market state" has loosened many of the ties which formerly bound together the peoples of traditional nations. In the modern multicultural state the cement of culture is no longer what it used to be. In that context, Riehl's question can be interpreted as asking: is there any sanction in Western belief, culture or law which prohibits Socialist Alternatives from trotting out deliberate lies? We already know that many on the Left would be opposed to deliberate lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction. But is there any corresponding prohibition against impersonating an Airborne Ranger in a broadcast? If none, then it's anything goes and barbarism is no longer strictly without, it is also within.

I find it tolerably amusing that the tools and methodology used to make Western Culture the epitome of tolerance and light are the ones being used to tear it apart.
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