Saturday, October 14, 2006


Water rights determined settlement patterns in what is now the American Southwest. The same thing could happen in the Belt.
Despite lacking known metallic resources that would make it attractive towards future space corporations, Ceres does have one element that would make this asteroid worth its weight in gold--water. Scientists believe that Ceres could contain up to 200 million cubic kilometers of fresh water--about five times as much as planet Earth.

Beats having to ship rations from earth. I am not, however, completly convinced that Ceres will automatically dominate the belt.

With the heart of the asteroid belt located around 2.7 AU (astronomical unit), Ceres lies in perfect position to supply future colonists with the necessary food supplies, as its orbit ranges between 2.55 and 2.98 AU. As the asteroid king makes its journey around the sun, mining colonies could be easily resupplied with food grown on the rocky world, enabling permanent outposts to focus on extracting minerals and precious metals.

A mining camp, sure.  People who go to settle might prefer to have a local source of food.
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