Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Now Liftport isn't just a bunch of guys from the unfashionable part of Seattle with PowerPoint slides. Now we've got GANNT charts.

Space Elevator Roadmap Version 1.0 Public Beta

Liftport Group is happy to announce that we have (some might say at long last) produced a draft roadmap for space elevator development.

In conjunction with the Roadmap and to help foster an open approach to space elevator development, Liftport Group is also offering the LiftPort Space Elevator Questions Database (i.e Questions Database).

The product of a determined effort by our staff and interns over a busy summer, the Roadmap provides the most realistic timetable yet for the development, deployment and operation of our proposed space elevator.

The Questions Database is intended to be a public repository for research and design questions related to the development of the space elevator.

Questions is still under development, and is only the latest tool we're using to involve the public.  We encourage people from all walks of life and all over the world to become involved with space elevator research and advocacy.

Tom Nugent's blog post is here.

The Roadmap is available here.

A graphic (not to scale) suitable for your desktop is here.

A graphic (not to scale) suitable for printing is here.

LiftPort Space Elevator Questions Database (LPQDB) is available here ,

Kidding aside the links above represent a great deal of hard work by the guys at the home office and the interns we had over the summer. And this is - no puffery intended - the best attempt to date for a realistic schedule for deployment, development and operation of the space elevator.
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