Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Mike the Marine laments his youth

Man, I hated the "digital" uniforms when they first came out. I thought they looked stupid. And initially they WERE stupid. The original concept included things like zip-off SLEEVES. Does that seem smart to ANYONE? "Sorry Gunny. I can't go war… I lost all my left arms in a tragic laundry day mix-up."

But they grew on me. I mean hey, wash and wear, baby! Nowadays you don't iron your cammies, you don't polish your boots, and all your brass is anodized. What the hell to the D.I.s do to screw with the recruits anymore? No starch. No Kiwi. No Brasso. Em-Nu stock has plummeted… hell, do they even MAKE Em-Nu anymore?

I'm not even supposed to buy black socks from here on out. Now they're all "coyote" brown. Apparently "sand" wasn't as cool a name for brown as "coyote" was... but I'm stuck with green t-shirts which look downright silly behind desert cammies...

For everything there is a season; farewell woodland pattern.

The only thing that remains the same is the spirit of the Marine.
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