Thursday, January 18, 2007

Heartless Bastards

I was accidentally reading The Stranger blog ..
The owner of an antiques store in New York City is suing four homeless people for $1 million in a misguided attempt to get them to stop defecating, spitting, and sleeping around his shop.
With the money he is paying his lawyers for this lawsuit, he could probably afford to put these guys up in some low-income housing. He says he just wants the city to deal with them—why doesn’t he just deal with them himself, by helping them out? What a fogey.

The heartless bastard - wanting to conduct his business without a crowd of homeless wretches using his store front for living space.  And note that living space means toilet in at least this case.  The real gold is on the comments section.

* Fogey is far too kind. I'd say heartless motherfucking prick.
* And he wonders why they shit on his doorstep?
* I would LOVE to shit on his doorstep.

I don't know but it's likely that none of the respondents have to worry about anything so mundane as meeting a payroll or attracting customers.  Just a guess.

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