Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How not to be a cultural knucklehead in a global business world

Tips for living in a global business world. Some good stuff - mostly common sense if you're not a completely insensitive dolt.

Given what I do I don't travel much but I interact with people via blog, email etc so these are the bits are the ones I keyed in on.
Include your time zone in your email signature in the form of "GMT +/-" Here in the U.S., we are used to using time zones such as Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern. But outside the U.S., not everyone is as familiar with which states fall in which time zone.
Good point. Especially when you don't live in the same time zone as the company you work for.
Include a salutation (with your email).
I have been cautious about doing this with people outside the States but a reminder never hurts.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian Dunbar

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