Saturday, January 27, 2007

Vietnam Shenanigans

I call shenanigans on Francis Hamit. Here he writes ..
Jerry, in the Mekong alone there were more than 30,000 (Viet Cong). We killed 3,000 in one night setting up for an attack on the airfield. Took two passes by Huey Cobras. You see this is the problem. No one knew what the real numbers were because the reporting was changed for political reasons. This is what Sam Adams found out and what ultimately killed him.
An interesting assertion given that Hamit was in MI i.e. supposedly the smart guys. 3,000 KIA from two passes by a flight of Cobras?

That would be three or four of these. I'm just a dumb former Marine but I don't know if they even carry enough ammunition to kill that many people.
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