Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sex in Space

Outside Online assigned Michael Behar to investigate sex in space or more specifically micro-gravity. It's a good news bad news deal.
The effects of weightlessness on a human fetus could be equally devastating. A successful nine-month space pregnancy could very well produce a child who misses developmental milestones. The poor tyke might never be able to return to Mother Earth for fear of literally being crushed to death by gravity.
That's bad news - or at least for the crowd that wants to live in micro-gravity habitats. The point of sex is procreation after all. Also sex might be awkward and messy what with fluids flying hither and yon. The wet spot replaced with wet everything. From a sex-as-fun good news perspective?
Bonta assured us that man's insatiable libido will spur ingenuity. "Love will find a way," she said, adding that, eventually, all spacecraft will be sex-proofed in a manner that prevents shagging couples from destroying their ship.
The author and his wife did fool around with the mechanics of the thing aboard a vomit comet (with clothes on)
So exactly what does it takee to have sex in space?

AK: Female leg strength. The only way we could get into the old missionary position, was for me to really wrap my legs around Michael and wrap them together because our bodies touching together creates a bounce-off, so I kind of had to keep my legs tight to keep us together.

sex in space

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