Monday, October 29, 2007

10 Reasons to get Vista and snarky comments

In the now deleted comments to this post, a splogger provided a link to what turned out to be this article: 10 reasons you should get Vista.

1. UI built for the era of video and digital photography.

I don't do this. If I do my Mac is supposed to be handy at this as well.

2. Image-based install.

The reason for this?
PC enthusiasts spend a lot of time installing and reinstalling Windows for their own and other people's PCs.

Um, ya. If an operating system needs a lot of installation and re-installation perhaps this is a reason NOT to use it?

3. Up-to-date driver base and better driver handling on installation.

No comment. Except that if Microsoft weren't upgrading to a new OS the guys that write device drivers would be spending time updating them for XP.

4. Desktop search and search folders built in.

I take this for granted but I also don't use it much.

5. Sleep mode that actually works.

Something else I take for granted on my current operating system.

6. Rock-solid laptop encryption.

Something else I take for granted on my current operating system. I note that it's available only two of eleventy-dozen versions of Vista so as excellent as this is your average home user is kinda going to miss out on this.

7. Better file navigation.

I've spent a decade getting used to File Manager and NOW you change it? Bastards.

8. Inbuilt undelete.

Funny. I though that you could drag stuff back OUT of the trashcan.
9. DirectX10OK.

No comment.
10. Face it, you have no choice.

Sure I do.

In the end I'm not an OS snob - if you need Windows you need it. But there are alternatives and it's silly to pretend otherwise.

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