Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Right brain or Left Brain?

The Right Brain vs Left Brain test.

I'm a Left Brain kinda guy it seems.

  • uses logic
  • detail oriented
  • facts rule
  • words and language
  • present and past
  • math and science
  • can comprehend
  • knowing
  • acknowledges
  • order/pattern perception
  • knows object name
  • reality based
  • forms strategies
  • practical
  • safeLink

Who would want it any other way? I did try really really hard to see her spinning clockwise but no dice. Guess I'm wired to be a 'facts rule, imagination drools' sorta fella.

The Two Monkeys are Lefties as well - Older Monkey could concentrate and make her spin clock-wise.


Update: SWMBO saw it as turning both ways at once. When I asked what she meant by that she looked closer, shook her head like a dog with ear mites and said it made her head hurt.
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