Monday, October 01, 2007

Heart Attack

"A heart attack?" she said, "Shut up!"

Thanks, Nancy, for a bit of sunshine in a dismal morning.

First - Pasty is fine . . .

for someone who is on her back in ICU. Yes, she had a heart attack, but we got her to the hospital in time and the doctors and the medical arts are good enough that matters were brought to a halt before there was any damage to her heart.

There was also a feeling she had that it wasn't gas and that the right course of action was to drive quickly but with due caution to the emergency room. Deity chiming in? Common sense? Subconscious? Damfino - but I know that lady has an angel on her shoulder.

So .. huzzah for the state of the art in medical science in this year of our Lord 2007. Things can only get better.

And thanks, too, for that little voice.
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