Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gus and the Do-Good Sailor

From Coyote ..
Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies may soon begin taking some inmates to Fourth Avenue Jail on Metro light rail in a bid to cut costs.  “There is nothing to be concerned or worried about as my deputies will be armed,” Sheriff Joe Arpaio said in a press release.

Transporting criminals on the public transit: sooner or later it's gonna end in tears.

This is a sea story: Gus and another Marine are taking a file of brig rats from chow back to the brig.  The crew know the rules - don't get between the Marines and their prisoners: this was the 70s, the Marines were armed and the brig rats were Not Nice People.

The guy at the back yelled 'Look out!', Gus, at the front of the column, turned and got a butter knife in his chest from the first prisoner in the column.

A helpful CPO jumped in and wrestled the attacker down. Or started to.  Gus butt-stroked him with a shotgun, the prisoner stood down and the brig rats were led back to the brig.

Gus reported to his C.O., knife sticking out of his chest. [1]  Then Gus reported to the sick bay.  Then the C.O. awarded Gus with a forfeiture of pay and reduction in rank.  For not following orders and failing to shoot the CPO who got between him and his prisoner.

So .. yeah.  Prisoners on a train - I can't see that ending well.

[1] This part of the story impressed the snot out of me. If I had a friggin hunk of metal sticking out of my chest I wouldn't march to the C.O. - I'd be on the deck whimpering because, ya know, I've got a gawd-damned knife in my chest. 

But Gus had big ones - I can picture him giving a snappy salute then twanging the knife handle.

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