Friday, January 16, 2009

Wisconsin state superintendent candidates and Milwaukee Public Schools

Milwaukee Public Schools are sub-optimal. [1]  If what they've been doing is not working, then more of the same ain't gonna help.  Possibly a change in tactics is in order.

What say the candidates [2] for Superintendent?

Tony Evers: I'll have something on my web site about this Real Soon Now.

Rose Fernandez:  Appoint a team of community experts to fix the major problems.   They have three years, then turn the system over to a new school board.  Details here.

Lowell Holtz:  Boy - those schools in Milwaukee are bad, huh?

Van Mobley: Sooner started, sooner done!  I won't rest until someone fixes the problem.

Todd Price: Put the public back in public education.

Disclaimer: Space4Commerce is not associated with Rose Fernandez or Families for Rose Fernandez.  We just like her a whole bunch.

[1] How sub-optimal?  The state paid 59 percent of spending in 2007-08.  $13,673 per kid.  A graduation rate of 46% (or 68% per MPS).

[2] Based on the candidates websites and absolutely no other research.  I figure if they don't care enough to post something, I don't care enough to chase around for the information.

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