Saturday, January 24, 2009

Make it up on volume

Dear American Government, Division of Automobile Manufacturing and Employment, [1]

I would not normally presume to question your business doings - but since I am now your creditor, you owe me some answers.

1. Finance

You're borrowing money at 8%.  Lending at 0%.

How in Wide World of Sports do you expect to make a profit?  Make it up on volume?

I'm pretty sure that 'bleeding money like a hemophiliac with his throat cut' was not in the plan you presented last month.  Maybe it was in a footnote?

2. Public relations

The Chrysler Bureau put up a blog post.  It attracted some attention - a whole lot of negative attention.  The right way ... well there are a whole bunch of ways to handle this with aplomb. 

The absolute worst way is to send it into the memory hole and look the other way, whistling a little tune and hoping the whole thing blows away.

You're not welcome. by you. 

Because it won't.

[1] Formerly known as General Motors and Chrysler.
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