Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm here for the free lunch

Ken is conducting sexual harassment training ...

So far, in response to my leading questions designed to create the illusion of audience participation, only one person has suggested that yeah, it would be cool to have team-building in a strip club.

I've done that.

Except, it wasn't team-building exercises . And I wasn't in charge.  And it was lunch.  Did you know strip-clubs have free buffets?

It's true.  Excellent burgers.  The drinks are $5 each. [1]

At any rate it was a payday routine for the guys in the office to head down the street to enjoy lunch together.  Did the ladies complain?  I heard some comments, now and again.  The boss said 'You gals are welcome to come'.

I don't think you'd see that today.

I am sure it was a coincidence but the team that worked on that project - gals included - was one of the better teams I've been on.  We worked well together and stayed together as a team for over two years before the company went kerplooey.

[1] Something I have noticed since moving to Yankee-land.  Dallas has strip clubs everywhere - out in plain sight.  Nice places - if not for the boobs they'd be clubs you could take your mom too.  Up here?  There are a couple of seedy-looking dives, tucked away.
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