Thursday, May 14, 2009

That's how we do things in Green Town

I committed Twitter. She replied out of the blue:

@bdunbar most people believe that is too oversimplified.

'That' is the True Colors course I took at work. It is a simplified Myers-Briggs assessment. Where MB takes all damned day - or more - to get through you can crank out a TC session in four hours. With coffee breaks.

The point of the thing is to get a company stuffed to the brim with engineers, technical guys and manufacturing geniusi to take on some touchy-feely characteristics. Because it's not enough to build stuff with excellence and quality you also gotta talk to the customer.

Which, I thought, was the job of the sales team. But whatever.

My color spectrum - if anyone cares - is Green - Gold - Orange - Blue.

In other words I'm a nerd who likes being right. Color me shocked.

The good news is that my impulse to call stupid people stupid is validated.

Because that's the way Greens roll.

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