Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Life isn't fair

Alex went to a speech at JSC by Captain C.B. Sullenberger ..

Still, regrettably, very little of what Sullenberger said "stuck" to the point of my remembering what specifically it was he said, except one short set of phrases:

    We've all heard people say that life isn't fair. And while it's true, it's also largely irrelevant. Let me tell you why.

I went back later to my audio recording to transcribe the next few sentences:

    There's always a way to make your own little part of the world a little better. Now, I know - I acknowledge - that faced with the enormities of the world's complexities and its issues, it sometimes feels easy to give up. Sometimes, it looks like facing new challenges is akin to emptying the ocean with a teaspoon. But when you choose - and it is a choice - to make positive differences to the things you can control, you can bring benefit to the world.

Amen, Brother.

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