Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Beyond Earth: Ethical and Political Choices in Space

Interesting series in Denver, Colorado. Can't make it? Sign up for the webcast.

"Beyond Earth: Ethical and Political Choices in Space" Series

What ethical choices and responsibilities face us as we extend the human
presence in space? Should we worry about polluting or disturbing
lifeless worlds? Is there a danger of contaminating other planets, or
contaminating Earth with alien microbes? Who owns other worlds? What
are the laws out there? Should weapons be allowed in space? Will space
exploration help humanity to survive, or hasten our doom? In this
four-evening discussion moderated by David Grinspoon, PhD,
the Museum invites you to consider with scientists, astronauts,
ethicists, and policy makers the ethical and political implications of
human space activities.


  • Russell “Rusty” Schweickart, retired astronaut and chairman of the
    B612 Foundation, which is devoted to protecting the Earth from future
    asteroid impacts
  • Patty Limerick, PhD, historian and chair of the Center of
    the American West at University of Colorado, author, and MacArthur
  • Kim Stanley Robinson, award-winning author, whose literary
    science fiction explores themes of ecology, sociology, and economic and
    social justice
  • Robert Frodeman, philosopher specializing in environmental
    ethics, chair Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, University
    of North Texas

Tuesday, April 10; 7:00 p.m.
Phipps IMAX Theater; use IMAX Evening Entrance
$12 member $15 nonmember
Series: $40 member $48 nonmember
Reservations: 303.322.7009 or 1.800.925.2250

Awesome world we live in where we can devote even a small measure of thought to the topics like this.
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