Sunday, April 22, 2007

Europe - home of the sophisticated

Manal Omar goes for a swim in Oxford and finds bigotry. Singled out by a lout, stereotyped by the Oxford Mail ...
Having spent my entire life in the United States, as a veiled Muslim woman I am no stranger to discrimination. In fact, as a child, I grew up in the hardcore territories of the south in the US, known as the Bible belt. Although I faced comments and questions, my personal lifestyle and space never felt invaded. In fact, the churchgoing community I lived in as a child welcomed me, and after my experience in the UK I want to go back to the local priest and kiss him on the forehead for not only preaching about respect but putting it into practice.

The truth of the matter is that as a Muslim woman living in the US - and I was in Washington DC on September 11 2001 - I never felt so isolated and discriminated against as I have these past few weeks in Oxford. Given that this is supposed to be one of the great seats of western civilisation, that should give British citizens something to chat about.
Here is the thing - I can't see this happening at the local Y in Wisconsin, either.

You gotta think that we're doing something right over here.

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