Thursday, April 12, 2007

Do your own research

Via Jeff Harrell, an interesting blog called Violent Acres. I like a woman who writes
A lot of us know that what may seem magical and beautiful to us is, in reality, just another ordinary, humdrum day. So we keep mum because, well, who wants to hear that shit?

I want to hear that shit. In fact, this entire website is (in a nutshell) that kind of shit. I get tired of reading about people who do nothing but parrot information they’ve read in books or on billboards or watched on the goddamn television. I grow weary of dull, impassioned arguments that were gift wrapped by some higher authority with an agenda and crammed down our throats until our minds turned to mush and started leaking out of our ears. I want to tell people to quit fucking quoting me statistics about global warming that they read on MSN. Instead, look around the world and tell me what you think is happening. Form your own hypothesis. Do your own research. Quit depending on a society to tell you what is real! When did we all lose faith in our individual ability to learn anyway? And when did learning become synonymous with memorization? You can’t teach a conscience. It comes strictly from personal experiences; those mundane moments I wrote about earlier.

I can relate to that. We get this once in a while, at LiftPort; "Why should I believe you?"

Please, don't believe us - that's the last thing I'd want on my conscience. The subjects at hand - technology, economics, business, politics - are not so complicated that they can not be grasped by adults of reasonable intelligence.
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