Monday, April 30, 2007


TJIC cites an article in the paper about death by a case of the dumbs, comments on it as is his way
So, not only do we have some idiot teenager driver wreck a house and a car in the neighborhood, but now we’ve got one of them embarrassingly tawdry “memorials” made of a pile of crap.

Spare a moment to think of the callous negligence that these two displayed rocketing through a residential area in a multi-ton weapon, drunk, and doing likely double the speed limit.

Happily, most of the negative effects of their behavior were internalized, but if another driver, a kid, or dog had been out in the road, an externalities-tragedy could have occurred.
and receives hostile incoming.
brilliant.a black mark on your family name?what happened with not getting the license until 22? special ed?you obviously didnt hang out with the popular crowd.not that you care im sure but lots of popular kids make poor decisions and die in ACCIDENTS and its really sad that someone like you seems to get off on blogging it.
ivy league college? name it. you are an ass with no life that is here to make people feel worse about an already tragic event.let it alone. i hope your kids ( if you and your partner have adopted) are safe and nothing terrible ever happens to them.and if something ever does i hope there are no other lonely old queens out there with nothing but a laptop and internal anger about who they are looking to make you feel worse about your family’s loss.

I've said this before, I'll say it again: if I die from doing something dumb, y'all are welcome to mock and belittle me. I'll deserve it.
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