Saturday, April 07, 2007

ISR and the space elevator

After thinking about this post for a few minutes I recalled that the Institute for Scientific Research, Inc. (ISR) had hosted the Space Elevator conferences in 2003 and 2004, and had in fact posted the presentation papers online. Now .. ISR has never really pushed the idea - it was never mentioned on their home page and you had to really dig around to find the content but it was there ..
Institute for Scientific Research, Inc. (ISR) has combined its operations with those of the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation (WVHTC Foundation).

ISR’s programs and supporting research staff have been fully integrated into the WVHTC Foundation portfolio. Please visit the WVHTC Foundation website to learn more about its dynamic programs designed to diversify and re-invigorate the economy of North Central West Virginia.

If you are not redirected within 5 seconds, please click here
WVHTC's tag line is 'beyond expectations'. I'd say so.

A search of the WVHTF site shows nada for space elevators. Happily ISR's space elevator home page is still in existence, as is the content, including the papers from the 2003 and 2004 conferences. The question might be 'for how much longer' given that WVHTC doesn't seem to be focused on aerospace or launch systems.

More happily - while the ISR pages are copyright (which transfers to WVHTC) the conference papers are not. If I don't have them posted to the LiftPort files section in the next week, hassle me.

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