Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Comment of the Day

Referring to a comment in the article linked here Noah D writes at TJICistan

This one blows my mind:

“Why architects and planners do so much to remove our living area from the natural experience we instinctively long to experience, has long baffled me”

Uh, because commercial space is poorly used by filling it with trees?

And then there’s the even broader mistake; all these people are talking about are cities, urban areas. Sure, that may be their focus of study and work. But, as they like to say, think outside the box!

I’ll show you a living space where there’s more green than you can shake a stick at, communal areas with trees and ponds and wildlife, places where a group of people can ‘nest’ away, or open up their living spaces and welcome in those who live nearby. Creativity in the arrangement and style of natural features is encouraged, and responsible care of facilities and life is rewarded.

They’re called suburbs.

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