Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Busheviks Great Leap Forward

So what's going on over in Maine?
I spent six hours on the street yesterday handing out leaflets letting the public know how our congressman just voted on the latest Iraq occupation supplemental.
Enjoying your right to free speech, I see. Excellent. I may disagree with what you say but I fully support ... etc.
A young boy about 4 years old, there in the park with his dad, also asked if he could speak and he declared into the microphone that "George Bush needs to stop this war." The shortest and best speech of the day I told the assembled.
Of course he's making a fully informed choice there and not parroting what his parents believe.

Oh - the graphic. Yes that is unfortunate.

It needs to be noted that for the crime of dissing the regime Bruce Gagnon will not
Have his property confiscated by Party functionaries for being a class traitor.
Have a cage full of starved rates tied to his belly.
Have the flesh boiled from his hands.
Be sentenced to hard labor to dig up gold at Dalstroi.
Be drafted as heroic labor to dig the Belomar Canal.

We now return you to your regular tomfoolery, and thanks for your indulgence.
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