Thursday, June 04, 2009

Because Chivalry Rocks

Ask a feminist.
Welcome to our third installment of "Ask a Feminist," in which our own Dana Goldstein and Ann Friedman address a topic related to gender and feminism. Today's episode features a question from Brad Plumer: "Is it sexist for men to open doors for women?"

I hold doors for men because I am a polite fellow. I hold doors for women because I am a polite fellow and because women are the fairer sex.

My grandmother - an upright and always correct woman with manners to shame the parson's wife -  told me if I held doors for ladies it would get me a hot wife.

I'm madly paraphrasing of course.

You know what? I did get me a hot wife. In no small part because I was and remain chivalrous.  So yes, Dana and Ann, I'm holding the door for you because you're a chick and I am a guy and that's the way the game is played.

Deal with it, sweet cheeks.

In terms of good advice a genteel lady born in 1901 has it all over a pair of girls chattering about culture and sexual mores and other things they do not understand.

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