Friday, June 12, 2009

Cache Dump

This explains a lot about GM
Our agent says that all the vehicles the execs drove were “ringers.” More specifically, the engineers would tweak the test vehicles to remove any hint of imperfection. “They use a rolling radius machine to choose the best tires, fix the headliner, tighten panel and interior gaps, remove shakes and rattles, repair bodywork—everything and anything.”

Did the execs know this? “Nope. And nobody was going to tell them . . . As far as they knew, the cars were exactly as they would be coming off the line. That’s why Bob Lutz thinks GM’s products are world-class. The ones he’s driven are.”

Obama to American Business: Drop dead


We're going to give health care to everyone.  For only $600 billion in new taxes.   It's politically okay to tax the rich, but they'll flee.  Can't tax the middle-class, that breaks a campaign promise.  So who gets that $600 billion taken out of their ass?

My guess: business.  Say goodbye to the savings they might expect for not having to provide health care to attract employees.

Say hello to everyday higher prices.

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