Thursday, June 11, 2009

In The Moment

I'm in a production [1] next week.  And this thing happened yesterday while I was rehearsing.

My partner's character was rambling along, detailing why she is ducking her family and her sister in particular.  My character is supposed to respond with 'so you don't get along with your sister ...' in a 'I'm your buddy and I'm trying to get you over a bad patch' mode. [2]

But instead my mouth opened and out came a very heartfelt "Wow, she's really a bitch."  And it fit with the moment and the character.

So that's what it feels like to act

That moment .. that's kinda like what it feels like when I'm in the groove in front of a terminal at zero-dark thrity troubleshooting balky apps or banging out scripts to do something clever.

That was fun - no wonder people do this stuff for a living.  Now if I can just get myself in that mode at will, I'd be golden.

[1] I know this is not my usual run of fart jokes and booby shots - I'll try and get back to those Real Soon Now.
[2] Haw: my character is very much not her buddy.
  Our relationship is more .. professional than that.
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