Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lost time my big ol' butt

To the couple on I-90 in Indiana eastbound on June 19th 2009, driving a sporty black car with New York tags.

You spent an hour stuck in traffic, not moving while they cleared an accident. [1]  The young ladies in the car needed help - their battery died and they needed a jump.  They had jumper cables.  Your vehicle was optimally placed to provide the jump.  Your reason for declining?

"We need to make-up lost time."

Which is, we all know, a lot of bullshit.  Next time be honest and say "We're pricks and can't be bothered.  That's the way we roll."

Karma, dude.  It will come back around.

[1] Traffic was seriously stopped.  I was tossing a nerf football to my kids part of the time, and some people from another car had a Frisbee.  If it had been lunchtime we could have popped the cooler and had coldcuts on the hood for lunch.

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