Tuesday, June 02, 2009

An Ill-Considered Useless Rant: Oracle

Let me get this out of the way, first.  I'm ready to learn PostgreSQL.  And I need a new bill of material application.

Oracle can take a long walk off a short pier.

Like this: We've got an application made by a vendor that was devoured by Oracle a few years ago.  We've got a long-standing issue, and that is that our end users keep pouring data into it like there is no tomorrow.  They use the data for a few months or weeks, then never look at it again.

We gotta keep those bits around for seven years. [1]  Conservative extrapolation of current rates of consumption show we'll need about a bazillion terabytes of data for the database and another two bazillion for the attachments over the next three years. [2]

Since it is about insane to store data that no one reads in active and expensive storage I am exploring means to break the database (and attachments) into chunks. Store the unused chunk 'somewhere else' and reserve our NAS for data we actually use.

Nothing in the user guides.  Or the more detailed tech references.  Nothing online.  I posted a question about this to the Agile PLM blog for my product - blogs being a hip and happening way to communicate with customers.

The blog owner emailed back saying there was a really cool community Oracle created and project managers read posts there.  And that I should go there.  And that he deleted my comment as not relevant.

And what do I find there? A notice saying the group is expired and that I should take my business to Agile PLM blog.

Shithouse Mouse, Oracle: my DMV has better customer service than that.

Whatever cool and groovy stuff you can do with Oracle products - and there is a great deal - it's rapidly paling next to how damned difficult it is to actually get anything done with Oracle the company.

[1] And a big sloppy kiss to the government for making us do that.
[2] And don't get me started on what the users stuff in there.  Two weeks ago I had to squash a move to put 4 GB files in there.
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