Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Modest Proposal from The Gormogons

From Ghettoputer at The Gormogons ...

'Puter thinks the Republicans should introduce legislation barring discrimination in the military on the basis of sexual orientation. 'Puter would except combat units from this legislation, with the proviso that Congressional hearings would be held forthwith to determine the rationale for continuing "don't ask, don't tell" for combat positions as well. Treat gays just like the heteros. No fraternization, etc. Discharge homosexuals because of how they perform their assignments, not because of who they are.

'Puter would pitch gay military integration as a civil rights issue (similar to Truman's desegregation of the military), but take pains to make clear military integration does not equal acceptance of gay marriage.

Upside? It is foolish to eliminate from the service people who are qualified and capable on the basis of sexual preference alone (see, e.g., discharging military linguists, intelligence specialists). Also, it absolutely punks the Democrats (particularly President Obama) and shows Republicans as a party that defends the rights of all, regardless of whether they agree with the individuals or not.

Downside? It will drive some conservatives absolutely batty, potentially fracturing the conservative coalition.

Frag the conservatives that would be upset by this.

It is a long overdue measure.
It is a perfect move by the Loyal Opposition.

I enlisted in 1985. In a society of 20-year old people, I'm ancient history.  If I'd stayed in I'd be getting ready to retire or have retired not so long ago.  I'm supposed to be the person that has a problem with all of this.

Someone's sexual orientation has never bothered me.  He likes guys?  She likes girls?  Big whoop.  Can you carry your gear?  Do you do your job?  Can I count on you?  That's what I care about.

I cannot believe I'm so singular a person that others my age don't feel much the same way.

And it does not matter how service members feel about this, really.

Like this: Congress cranks out the law, the President signs off: boom, there done.

Marines [1] give a snappy salute, say "Aye, Aye, Sir." and carry out orders as directed.

[1] And the other guys of course: the tank drivers, the airplane fliers and the boat drivers.

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