Sunday, June 07, 2009

In which I am unreasonably pleased with myself

I wrote
I am trying this: I built a Parallels VM with Ubuntu. Install Ruby and Rails on that. Share a directory on my laptop with the VM that contains the code I'm working with.

And Lo, it's done. And what else is a blog for except to chronicle minor achievements?


I had it backwards of course: it's easier to treat the vmware guest (Hilda) as a server and mount a directory there using (in this case) sshfs than to crank up a guest vmware and have it login to the main machine.

Clockwise from left that's Hilda running Ubuntu 8.04 [1], a rails sandbox app, ssh to Hilda, and Finder showing off the snazzy sshfs mount to brian@hilda's home directory.

And now that I've used sshfs once I'm wondering about using it again.  This might make EDI file transfer from the (solaris) FTP server a whole bunch easier for example ...

[1] With Gnome disabled.  Jeezum Crow, t's amazing how many resources that thing chews up.
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