Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wicked Prey

Acquired a copy of John Sandford's latest Lucas Davenport novel 'Wicked Prey'.  Blazed through that sucker in about two days, flat.

Randy Whitcomb was a human stinkpot, a red-haired cripple with a permanent cloud over his head; a gap-toothed, pock-faced, paraplegic crank freak, six weeks out of the Lino Lakes medium-security prison. He hurtled past the luggage carousels at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, pumping the wheels of his cheap non-motorized state-bought wheelchair, his coarse red hair a wild halo around his head.

"Get out of the way, you little motherfucker," he snarled at a blond child of three or four years. He zipped past the gawking mother and tired travelers and nearly across the elegant cordovan shoe-tips of a tall bearded man. "Out of the way, fuckhead," and he was through the door, the anger streaming behind him like coal smoke from a power plant.

Not the Best Every Prey novel - that remains Winter Prey.  But this is right up there in the number 2 slot.

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