Monday, June 01, 2009

Link Dump

Time: Yes, We'll Still Make Stuff
The death of American manufacturing has been greatly exaggerated. According to U.N. statistics, the U.S. remains by far the world's largest manufacturer, producing nearly twice as much value as No. 2 China. Since 1990, U.S. manufacturing output has grown by nearly $800 billion — an amount larger than the entire manufacturing economy of Germany, a global powerhouse.

But growth does not mean jobs. While sales soared (at least until the recession), manufacturing employment sank. Using constantly improving technology to make more-valuable goods, American workers doubled their productivity in less than a generation — which, paradoxically, rendered millions of them obsolete.

It's a good time to be in IT or business.  A not-so-good time if you want to work on the floor pushing buttons.

Murdoc has pictures of the (proposed) new Predator model: the MQ-9 Greeter (Predator B(S)) UAV. 

The 'S' stands for "smiley'. 

adsf (A Dead Simple Fileserver) is a tiny web server you can launch instantly in any directory.

My state government spent the last few months telling us we'd have to gird our loins: the dodgy economy means Wisconsin has more gozoutas than gozintas.  $6.6 billion worth of gozoutas.

Last week the Lege met - late at night - increased taxes, trimmed the AG's office budget and voted in millions and millions of dollars in spending.  In Democratic districts.

$13 million for an armory.  $1.25 million for a road.  $500k for the Opera House in Oshkosh.  $100k for a stone barn on Oconto County.  $44.5 million for UW Eau Claire.

Also voted in during that session, a new state motto: Wisconsin - you thought your taxes were high last year.
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