Thursday, June 25, 2009

Midnight Dump

It seems that, in Maryland, when you get new tires the tire shop charges you to dispose of them. [1]

Fair enough.  It is worth a few bucks to have them haul them to the recycle facility: I assume it's now illegal to just pitch them into the garbage.

But when the tire shop - I am looking at you Wal-Mart in Berlin, Maryland - charges $20 to dispose of a tire ... who takes them up on that?  $20 bucks?  Per .. tire?

Dude.  Throw them in the back of the car - I'll midnight dump the suckers.  No problem.

As it happens we did not use their services.  We waited for three hours for them to discover they could not replace the air-pressure warning widget, so they could not slap on new tires.  Trying to explain to them they did not need to do that was fruitless.  They could not so that was that. 

Thank you for choosing Wal-Mart and kiss my ass.

Happily, the no-name tire place down the road did the job and we did not have to wait around for three hours, neither.  And the tires were less.  And the disposal cost was $3 bucks.

Plus we got some excellent muffins and coffee on the way at a coffee shop.  So that is all good.

[1] This is true elsewhere, I am sure.

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