Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Early morning ramble

Ilkka is taking Disney movies way too seriously.
After the flashy start, the underbelly of this society of cars slowly revealed itself as the cars, apparently with no free will or choice of their own, obsessively kept simulating many aspects of human society that simply make no sense for sentient automobiles. Their physically very mobile society is very rigid with no real social mobility, since everyone is pretty much born (how?) to his place in society and cannot really aspire to become anything else. As the young hotshot racecar is stranded to the small town that was bypassed by the Interstate highway and therefore no longer gets to extract monopoly prices and quality of service from the cross-country travellers, we kept making hypotheses and asking questions such as "Why did the train like bubblegum so much?"
Pot, meet kettle. I used to vocalize thoughts like this but the kids kept rolling their eyes and my wife was all "it's just a movie" to which I have to say "BUT IT MAKES NO SENSE!"
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