Sunday, May 20, 2007


Mark Steyn on Flight 93's memorial. The plan now includes - for the sweet love of thorny-headed Jebus - a wetlands. Full of life. Meant to provide reflection and social interaction. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, ducks are now a fitting memorial for our dead.

Go to any Civil War memorial on any New England common, and marvel at how they managed to honor their dead without wetlands and wind chimes.

A hundred years ago they didn't have people whose sole job was to tell you that your ideas were tasteless or tacky or jingoistic. You wanted a memorial you hired a guy to sculpt a soldier, make sure the names on the bronze were correct and there, done; a memorial for the ages that can move a strong man to quiet tears a hundred years later.

What emotion would wetlands inspire? Nothing that would be fitting for Flight 93. I wonder if that's what is truly desired.

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