Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fight the tide

The local schools have a good reputation and, by all accounts, are not so bad at the education biz. Why home school? Well ..
Inside the school, I felt the same cold grim feelings I had the last time I’d come here – even empty, the place bristles, somehow. A couple of students walked past, and I silently counted to see how long it would be take before someone deployed the Effenheimer, or the dreaded Mother Effenheimer. Three seconds. I’m not in favor of having nuns patrol with nail-studded two-by-fours, but on the other hand, I am. Or least some authority figure around which the Youts would feel compelled to display a civil tongue. I was talking with one of the neighbors at the bus stop; she’d been to the school last week, and one of the stuecadents hit on her.

My child is not going there.
This is why: because a school that excels academically, where the students are polite and well-mannered is becoming not, perhaps, a rarity but certainly a cause to pause and say "Will you look at that".

The way it should be is becoming an exception. I can't fight the tide but I can take my kids to high ground.

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